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Walk in the Park is a level of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, located in Bli Bli Station hub. It's setting is a rain forest somewhere in Australia. The level introduces waterslides, sprouting mushrooms, Blue Tongue Lizards, and the characters Shazza and Ranger Ken.

Thunder Eggs

Thunder egg Collect 300 opals.

Find 5 Bilbies

Thunder egg Find 5 bilbies.

Wombat Race

Thunder egg Race Andy the Wombat.

Truck Trouble

Thunder egg Help Shazza by fending off some Blue Tongues.

Bounce Tree

Thunder egg Bounce in a tree!

Drive Me Batty

Thunder egg Save a flock of cave bats in a flooding cave for Ranger Ken.

Turkey Chase

Thunder egg Chase a bush turkey that's taken a thunder egg.

Log Climb

Thunder egg Climb some fallen logs between the waterfalls.

Body 8


Behind the waterfall just before the first waterslide.

Under the bridge before Julius' Opal Machine.

In the flooded area in the cave overlooking the waterslide, reachable from either route.

On the single pillar in the area when you first enter the level.

On one of the two pillars on the ground level before climbing the fallen logs to the upper areas.

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