Hey all, 1hs444 here!

Now, I've recently been bumped up to the Admin team, and thus, I would greatly wish to fulfill the promises I have made to the wiki.  I might be new here, but I've come up with some cool ways that I can help this wiki grow!


So, first up on the organizational Wiki Revamp list is templates.  No, not infobox templates, but rather notice templates.  I've already taken the liberties to make three stylized templates for wiki categorization.

Notice templates go at the very top of wiki pages in order for them to not glitch out thumbnails/infoboxes.  I personally go into source mode to ensure the templates are at the tip-top of articles before publishing any edits that include them.

Desperate need for Citing

As many might have noticed, the mainspace articles here on the Ty Wiki are in dire need for citing.  Years of vandalism slipping through cracks have deterioriated factual information on the wiki.

Any and all help from editors is appreciated!

Chat function enabled!

For convenience of our surprisingly large viewer base (of nearly 3k per week), I am enabling the chat feature to bring this wiki into a social era. Join here!!

Wikipedia copy/pasting isn't cool

Apparently some anonymous account gutted out the pages on games years back, by taking out our custom written plot summaries and replacing them with wikipedia copy/pasting.

Just as a general rule, we're the Ty wiki and not Wikipedia.


I might have more wiki related content to announce in the future, so stay tuned for my User Blogs.  Thanks for reading.

 1hs444  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   1hs444 sig 06:40, March 6, 2016 (UTC)

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