Ultra Fluffy Gamma
Ultra Fluffy Gamma
Character information
Full name Ultra Fluffy Gamma
Gender Genderless
Behind the scenes information

The Ultra Fluffy Gamma was a large Mecha used by Fluffy during the Quinkan Invasion, acting as her main means of battle. Ty fought it with a Camo Bunyip at the Dead Dingo Marsh.


The Ultra Fluffy Gamma is impervious to harm while it is glowing but as soon as it finishes an attack move, its shield turns off and TY can hit it. Ultra Fluffy Gamma has two attack phases. In the first it will punch twice, right then left before slamming downwards. At the end of the slam it will cool down. This is when it is vulnerable. For the second attack it will run around the walls before launching itself at TY. When it lands it will once again have to cool down and will be vulnerable to TY’s attacks.

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