Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue

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Ty the Tasmanian Tiger
Playstation 2, Nintendo Gamecube, Xbox, Gameboy Advance, PC
Platform, Racing

Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue is the second game in the Ty series. This game takes place some time after the events of the previous game; Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. The game takes place in Burramudgee, a fictional town in a region known as Southern Rivers. In this game, the players can have a wide variety of Boomerangs to use and a wide variety of new enemies to fight. Unlike the first game, this game also features Side Missions.


One day, Ty and Shazza were driving when Ranger Ken tells him Boss Cass, the evil Cassowary who imprisoned Ty's parents long ago, has escaped from Currawong Jail and has set up his own country called Cassopolis, claiming he has diplomatic immunity. Dennis, the Green Tree Frog, has formed "Bush Rescue", an organization to stop Cass. As part of Bush Rescue, Ty goes on a number of missions all around the Southern Rivers such as transporting valuable items, rescuing civilians, and stopping Cass's evil lizard minions. On one mission, Ty has to face Patchy the Cybersaur (an Ankylosaurus with robotic enhancements on his head, tail, and back) who was sent by Fluffy, the Thorny Devil who Ty faced at the Fjord in the first game.

Then while trying to stop a fire on an offshore oil rig, Fluffy use Buster, a monster formed by yellow nanobots joining together, to distract Ty so she could steal a shadow drive from the rig. Cass then uses the drive to mix warm blooded strength from mammals with the lizard's cold blooded ferocity and weapons to make "Uber Repitles".

During a battle with Fluffy, Ty manages to steal a Data N.U.T. and gives it to Julius the Koala, Bush Rescue's lead scientist, for analysis. From the NUT, Cass' evil plan is revealed just as Cass kidnaps Burramudgee to use their warm blood for "Uber Reptiles" Ty, Sly, and Shazza go to his lair to stop him. Shazza uses a standard Battle Bunyip, Sly uses his custom made "Missile Bunyip", and Ty uses the new Shadow Bunyip. After once again defeating Patchy and Buster, Sly and Shazza go to free the residents of Burramudgee and Ty goes to defeat Boss Cass. Just before she leaves, Shazza gives Ty a kiss for luck. Ty and Cass then face off in the middle of a volcano. Cass summons a bunch of green nanobots capable of joining together into a long armed robot to destroy Ty but he destroys it and defeats Cass. Once they get back, Ty, Sly, and Shazza receive medals of bravery and honor. Later Boss Cass is seen in prison carrying out lunch duty and serving food to all of his lizard minions.


Ty tasmanian tiger 2 bush rescue Nickelodeon Magazine Advertisement October 2004

2004 magazine advertisement

  • It was announced in 2004 that </span>Film Roman and Krome Studios was developing an animated series based on the video game series.[1] 9 years after the initial announcement the show was confirmed to air on youtube.
  • This is the only game to have the Battle Bunyip, Sub Bunyip, Lifter Bunyip, Thermo Bunyip, and the battle Mortar. The Lifter and Sub Bunyips were playable twice, the Shadow only once, in the final mission.
  • Several characters were cut, including Sheila and a new character named Dazza (the latter may have been related to Shazza somehow, judging by the character's name).
  • In the Southern Rivers highway, cars were supposed to be driving around this was changed somehow.
  • This is the only game that doesn't have a Thunder Egg hunt mission.
  • The Quinkan were also mentioned in this game by Gooboo Steve. 
  • On Ty's Facebook Page, Their were a lot of BETA missions and locations. One was being Ty racing Cy and the other was Ty in Cassopolis. 
  • If you stay in Burramudgee too long, the cars will start glitching so as the townsfolks who are walking will run into things and eachother. 
  • Gooboo Berries doesn't make a appearance in this game. 
  • Currawong was only playable once, it resembles Burramudgee in its appearance.

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