Ty's family
Character information
Full name Bri, Di, Betty, Sly and Ty
Gender 3 male, 2 female
Behind the scenes information

Ty's family consists of five "Tasmanian Tiger" Thylacines:

  • Bri (Brian) - Father
  • Di (Dianne) - Mother
  • Betty - Eldest Sibling (Sister to Ty and Sly)
  • Sly - Middle Eldest Sibling (Ty's elder 'non-identical twin' brother)
  • Ty (Tyrone) - Youngest Sibling (Sly and Betty's little brother)


Ty's parents were trapped in the Dreaming since all of the kids were young. Their two sons both believed that they were either orphans or abandoned. It is unknown what happened to Betty through her childhood.


Ty's parents own a 'rang shop in both Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2 and Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3.


G'day son!

Bye son.

Just yell when you need a hand, ok?

Oh yay! My little cub is here!


Ty Unkown Chars

The two mystery characters

  • In the opening scene of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, there were also 2 characters that fought alongside Ty's parents, but it is unknown who they are. It appears as though the two characters could possibly be twins, since they are wearing almost the same clothes as each other. Some fans have speculated these are two more of Ty's siblings, but its also possible they were just two more thylacines that came to help the family fight Boss Cass. The credits have a listing for "Bro" supporting the former theory.