Two Up load up

Loadup screen for Two Up

Two Up is the first level played in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. It's set in a billabong, with the portal located in Bli Bli Station within Rainbow Cliffs. In this level, Ty collects a second boomerang giving him the ability to glide in the air and have a better chance at defeating enemies. Enemies such as the common Frills and Kangaroos are also introduced.

Thunder Eggs

Thunder egg Collect 300 opals

Find 5 Bilbies

Thunder egg Bilby 1: After the first waterfall, next to Maurie's signpost below.

Bilby 2: Next to 3 crates halfway through the level.
Bilby 3: On top of another ledge near Golden Cog #3.
Bilby 4: After the small cave, go on the bridge and jump on the land to the
left. The cage is behind the pillar.
Bilby 5: In the area where you hit the three buttons with Tys boomerang to adjust the platforms into place. Jump up to the highest platform and glide into the waterfall.

Time Attack

Thunder egg When you reach the area of Julius' opal machine, return to the starting place by standing in the green mushrooms and wait for it to teleport you to the starting place.

Once you're in the starting place, stand near the hovering clock and press the action button to start a mini race.
Race to the finish line under 38 seconds and go through all the rings to receive the Thunder Egg.

Glide the gap

Thunder egg Glide over the gap at the end (when you have 2 boomerangs) to collect the

Thunder Egg on the other side.

Rang the Frills

Thunder egg Kill all the 7 Frills indicated by Maurie to get the Thunder Egg and the

second boomerang.

Rock Jump

Thunder egg At the very start, on your way on the platform over the fence.

Super Chomp

Thunder egg When you arrive near the spy eggs (the flying capsules), press the Bite

button repetitively to bite all the spy eggs in a row. On the ledge at the
top is the Thunder Egg.

Lower the platforms

Thunder egg Before entering the cave near Julius, go on the small platform on the right

instead and jump on the higher one. Then, glide to the higher part of the path
from the platform to access a new area. Hit the 3 switches on the wall in
this new area to activate the moving platforms. Jump on those platforms to
reach the Thunder Egg on top.

Body 8


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