ThermoExtremeBunyip Art

Concept art for the Thermo Extreme Bunyip in Ty 2: Bush Rescue

ThermoExtremeBunyip Ingame

Ingame screenshot of the Thermo Extreme Bunyip from Ty 2: Bush Rescue

The Thermo Extreme Bunyip (Code: B-ARC-PB04) is a Bunyip mech which was designed for extreme temperatures. It is the only Bunyip that can swim under lava and has a high-powered super coolant cannon to stop wildfires. Ty can buy the Thermo Extreme Bunyip Key from Trader Bob's for 5000 opals.


The Thermo Extreme Bunyip is used in the Volcano Rescue mission at Mount Boom, the Oil Rig Fire mission at Wulli Wulli Oil Rig and the Bush Fire mission at Gunna Gunna Village.

Mission Location Reward
"Volcano Rescue" Mount Boom ?
"Oil Rig Fire" Wulli Wulli Oil Rig ?
"Bush Fire" Gunna Gunna Village ?
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