Bunyips are a ancient race of bird-like animals that live in The Dreaming. There are three main Bunyips: their leader, the Bunyip elder(Nandu Glil), the protector of the Bunyip Gauntlet Maliyan, and Thigana. who is the only one who can fly. There are also unnamed Bunyips called Shooter Bunyips who are the protectors of Bunyip City.

Thus far, all Bunyips who have appeared are allies to Bush Rescue.

The mechs of the franchise are named in honor of the Bunyip race.


  • Bunyips are mythical creatures in real life. [1]
  • Ironically, the term "bunyip" often translates into "devil" or "evil spirit," a stark contrast to the benevolent, peaceful nature of the race in the TY series.

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