The Bilbies
Character information
Full name Bilby Family
Gender 2 Boys, 3 Girls
Behind the scenes information

The bilbies are a family that Ty hangs out with. In the opening scene of the first Ty game, he is seen playing tag with the bilby son, then falls through the ground.


Not much is known about the bilbies other than they need to be found and freed from their cages in all of Ty's adventures.


The bilbies are usually found in hard to reach places in Ty 2 and 3, but in Ty 1, they are pretty easy to find. However, some may a little tricky to reach,


When Ty is near a trapped bilbie you can hear a small howl indicating one is close by.


The Bilbies have no voice actors except for the son.

  • "I got you! I got you!"
  • "Okay Ty, I'm it."
  • "Catch me if you can!"
  • "Don't move mate, I'll get help!"


  • There are 5 bilbies to find in each area in Ty 1.
  • In Ty 2 and 3, the detail on the bilbies is cut back. Since Ty no longer visits portals, the only bilby design is the father.
  • In Ty 1, there is a Father, Mother, Son, Daughter, and Grandmother, but no Grandfather.


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