In Ty the Tasmanian Tiger

Long ago Ty's family knocked the five mystic talismans out of Boss Cass' hands just as he was sending them off to the Dreamtime. This caused an explosion that scattered the talismans across the land. Now Ty is in a mad race against Boss Cass to get them back. Collect all five of them and bring them back to Rainbow Cliffs, and the Tasmanian tigers will be free to populate the world once more.

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In Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, the Talismans are the keys to opening a portal to a dimension known as the Dreamtime. Boss Cass used the Talismans to open the portal to rid the world of mammals, but he was only succesful in getting the Tasmanian tigers, because Ty's family knocked them out of their places before they got sucked in. You can find Talismans by collecting thunder eggs to power Julius' talsiman machine, which will open up a portal to a boss world, where you must defeat a boss character to get the Talisman.


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