Overworld Map

Map of Southern Rivers.

Southern Rivers is a fictional region in Ty's world which stretches hundreds of kilometers from the central township of Burramudgee. This patch of outback may appear to be sleepy and tranquil at times, but over the years it has been targeted by supernatural attacks, hostile take overs, prison breakouts and innumerable natural disasters. It appears in all three games, but is first mentioned in Ty 2: Bush Rescue. It contains Rainbow Cliffs, Burramudgee, and later New Burramudgee.

Ty 2:  Bush Rescue

In this game much of Southern Rivers is seen Ty gets around on a jeep driven by Shazza, it consist of typical roads and highways with Frills lurking around every corner while relaxing at the beach near Wobbygon Bay Ty can take a breather and see Cassopolis and Wuli Wuli Oil Rig from the distance.

Ty 3

Strangely enough in this game the Southern Rivers seen in Ty 2 is not seen in this game and the areas that appeared in that game are not in this game.  A new section of Southern Rivers is seen and is split into two areas:  The outback, and the mangrove.  Unfortunately in this game Southern Rivers is being attacked by the quinkan and it's up to Ty to stop them.


  • It is unknown what became of Ty's 2 version of Southern Rivers.

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