The Shadow Chassis is a special kind of rang obtained in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan. It is also notable for being the strongest rang obtained in the entirety of the game, and this rang can also be obtained early on using cheats typed in the game. This rang plays a critical role in defeating the game's final boss, the Quinking, and is also the only rang that can greatly injure him, as well. Its incredible strength comes from Shadow Stones, along with its dark aura, the kind of stones that cannot be inserted inside a regular chassis.

Before Obtaining the Shadow Stones

The Shadow Chassis has been split into three parts at Mt. Kakaboom, and Ty must locate the three pieces. The first piece can be found after Ty dodges the Magmaquin, as well as destroying the Lavaquin, and then paying back the Magmaquin in spades with the Bunyip Cannon. After shooting the Magmaquin well enough, it will be destroyed and that grants Ty the first of three Shadowring pieces. The second piece can be located after destroying another Magmaquin, and before getting on the second Bunyip Cannon, eradicating any Lavaquin. This time, the path length to the cannon has been reduced, making it somewhat easier, if not for the Lavaquin. The third piece is obtained in the same fashion as the other two, destroying yet another Magmaquin with another Bunyip Cannon as well as defeating more Lavaquin that will get in the way. After Ty obtains all three of these pieces, it is discovered that without the Shadow Stones, the Shadow Chassis would lack the ability to injure the Quinking. It would be just another boomerang without the Shadow Stones.

Obtaining the Shadow Stones

Now, that Ty has assembled the Shadowring, he needs to seek out the rare elemental stones, namely the Shadow Stones. The first of the Shadow Stones can be obtained by winning in Karlos' latest battle arena, restoring Dennis' shattered Thunder Egg shards while winning a go-kart race, and protecting Ranger Ken while he runs from the Quinkan. When all of these stones come together, they give the Shadowring its full power, and transform it into the Shadow Chassis, and Ty can now take on the Quinking.

After Obtaining the Shadow Stones

Now, that Ty has given the Shadowring its full power, as well as collected all of the Shadow Stones, he has the strongest rang available, and the only means of making the Quinking fight easier. This rang can now eradicate any enemy, be it weak or strong, and can severely injure the Quinking, the one who orchestrated the events of the entire game. He is ready to go the realm of the Quinkans as well, and prepares for one of the most dramatic fights of his life.