Character information
Full name Shade
Age 18
Height 142cm
Relatives Shadow (mother)
Gender Female
Species Flying Fox
Hair color Black and blonde
Occupation Student
Behind the scenes information
First appearance "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan"

Shade is Shadow's daughter. She is half ghost bat and half flying fox.
She is seen only in Ty 3, standing around in Cassopolis. Unlike Shadow, she has a polite, kind demeanor, and usually offers apologies for Shadow's behavior in the first game, and offers to help make it up to Ty.


"Hi, I'm really sorry about how my mom treated you back in the old days. She went a bit batty. But she's better now."

"It's really nice to have you here in Cassopolis, Ty, and I really hope we can be friends."

"If there's anything I can to do to help out with the Quinkan and all, I'd really like to help you to make up for my mom."

"It's tough being the only nocturnal animal in Cassopolis. I've had to learn to get up at bedtime, and to go to bed straight after breakfast. Then there's the walking around. Everything is all upside down."

"When I was in school, people always used to tease me. Especially when there was a game of Cricket on. When they were picking teams, they would always choose me and say that I could be the bat."

"I just wanted you to know that I'm not worried about the Quinkan invasion, Ty. I know that you're on the case. I know that you can do it."


  • Shade has a half sister named Ginger who is not seen or mentioned in any of the games. It was confirmed by Steve Stamatiadis that Ginger shares the same mother with Shade.
  • Shade was put into the games to replace the less attractive Shadow, who "wasn't cute enough".


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