The Redback Gang


Redback Russ

Redback Jack

Redback Thorn
First Appearance
Ty 3: Night of the Quinkan
Challenging races Building carts
Real Names

Jack- Belvedere

Thorn- Rose
The Redback Gang is a group of three dinosaur rebels in the Southern Rivers. They consist of Redback Russ, Redback Jack, and Redback Thorn. Redback Russ, the leader, is a green and red heavy setted T-Rex. who has a deep manly raspy voice (middle). Redback Jack is a light green triceratops who has a high nasally voice (right). Redback Thorn is a toasty brown velociraptor which has a New York mean Boston voice (left).


The Redback Gang only appears in Ty 3: Night of the Quinkan for many missions. At first Ty walked up to them asking if they knew a group of little kids playing with toy carts who called themselves the Redback Gang. Redback Russ, the leader, got furious and challenged Ty to try out there Experi Mental Cart, which drove differently than a regular cart and Ty agreed and said it would be fun. This race involved many characters from this game and other games racing in regular carts. The Experi Mental Cart drove very fast and very hard to turn, Ty had to win the race of three rounds getting in first. When he defeated them Redback Thorn, the only female one, adimtted he was cute. Then another mission when BossCass and Ty teamed up to defeat the quinkan he told Ty to go to the Redback Gang and win a race collecting 6 peices of a thunder egg and get in first place. After Ty defeated them once again he earned an Earth Stone instead of the Thunder Egg which did not quite make sense. Then at Pippy Beach The Redback Gang was ready for another challenge. They challenged Ty to a demolition race where he had to defeat everyone in a certain amount of time. Redback Jack seems to get pushed around a lot and wants to be leader.


  • "Little!"- Redback Russ to Ty 
  • "Playing"- Redback Jack to Ty
  • "Carts!"- Redback Thorn to Ty


  • As the players defeat the Redback Gang in the game, they get to know their real names too. Redback Jack's real name being Belvedere, Redback Thorn's real name being Rose and Redback Russ real name being Cyril.

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