Protoquin image
Character information
Full name Protoquin
Gender Hermaphrodite
Behind the scenes information

Protoquins are the most common type of Quinkan.They attack with their tongue.


An infantile Quinkan, mere cannon fodder used to protect the Quinking. Be careful though, these Quinkan have powerful arms and a wicked lashing tongue.


Prior to Ty's return from the Dreaming, the Quinkan attacked Burramudgee, their lines consisting of a few Skyquin, quite a few Zombie Frills, and a total of fifteen Protoquin, some of which can be seen scaling the walls now surrounding the ravaged town. It is possible that the Quinkan's strategy was to bombard the town with the Skyquin's energy ball attacks, with the Protoquin and Zombie Frills acting as a diversion to keep the Skyquin from being attacked by Bush Rescue.


Simply hit with boomerang. Or fight with bunyip



These are seen in Ty 2 bush rescue 100 percent ending.

The Quinkan has a little resemblence to Kingdom Heart's Heartless

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