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Princess Orchid
Princess Orchid as seen in Ty 3: Night of the Quinkan
Character information
Full name Princess Orchid
Age 28
Height 100cm
Relatives Uncle Jack (uncle)
Gender Female
Species Marsupial Lion
Behind the scenes information
Voice Actor Debi Mae West

Princess Orchid is the monarch of the marsupial lions.


Princess Orchid is the monarch of the marsupial lions. She may be royalty but she loves to muck around in the outback, setting up challenges for passing members of the Bush Rescue team.

She appears in Sulphur Rocks offering Ty a reward if he makes it through the Temple of Carnook.


She is also mentioned in Ty 1 when Lenny the lyrebird lies saying she has been captured. At this time it was presumed she was an invented character.

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