Fluffy`s latest toy, the Pocket Fluffy is extremely agile and packs a mean punch and fires deadly lasers.


Fluffy uses this machine in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2. In the beginning of the game, she uses the Pocket Fluffy to break the gates using its mechanical fists and laser. Ty uses a Battle Bunyip to fight her and stop her from breaking Boss Cass out of prison, but she loses that fight. When Ranger Ken and Duke fly in asking Ty if he needs help, she finds an oportunity to distract Ty. The laser from the machine causes Dukes jet to lose control. While Ty was saving the jet, Fluffy breaks Cass out of prison and escapes.

Later in the game, Fluffy is using this machine at Cass's loading docks with a Shadow Drive. Ty comes with a Battle Bunyip to retrieve the device and defeat Fluffy in her machine. Her machine gets destroyed during her defeat.