Ninja Billies are ninja star throwing maniacs that seem to appear and disappear out of thin air. You have to be on your toes when Ninja Billies are around. They appear during Birrel and Squeaver missions, where the two frantically try to dodge the oncoming attacks of Ninja Billies, this is primarily the reason Maurie mistakenly thought three times that the stars were under attack by Boss Cass. The first time Ty meets them, it appears that the duo are both running away from Ninja Billies that are assaulting them. When Ty sees that, he promptly attacks the Ninja Billies. After defeating them for the first time, the duo will introduce themselves to Ty, and the

director will come in angrily and tell him that the Ninjas were expensive stuntmen, and kicks him out for ruining the movie. The second time, it is a similar situation. But on the third time, the director, Buck Fox, congratulates Ty for being the "hero" in the movie.