New Burramudgee
Ty in New Burramudgee.
Location Information
Type Town
Location Southern Rivers
Inhabitants Ty's family and friends.

New Burramudgee was built from scraps salvaged from Burramudgee's destruction after said town was obliterated during the first wave of the Quinkan invasion. It still contains all the amenities that you would expect in a normal town including a Police Station and a Rang' Shop. Regardless, it is a stark contrast to the original town, being built into desert cliffs, and generally being run down, and a testament to the threat the Quinkan pose to the world.

The town boasts a large defense force due to the dangerous nature of the world, with many heavily armed guards walking the streets and large groups of them guarding the gates, shooting at Zombie Frills and other enemies that get too close.

As of Ty 4, New Burramudgee (and old Burramudgee's ruins) has also been destroyed; Boss Cass flooded the area so he could charge the locals for air conditioning. New Burramudgee thus now lies beneath the waters of Lake Burramudgee.




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