Character information
Full name Neddy
Height 235cm
Gender Male
Species Goanna
Behind the scenes information
Voice Actor David Lodge

Neddy the Bully or just Neddy is a goanna who is served as a mini boss on the level: "Bridge on the River Ty" in the first Ty game. He is portrayed as a dumb but strong character. At first he is angry at you but when defeated he makes friends with you and realises how much of a bad person he has been. He has armour all over his body but mainly to protect the belly and vital places of the body The reason for these are it is said that he has an embarrassing tattoo on his belly.

He worked presumably for the main villain in the Ty series Boss Cass but the game didnt show much sign of this. You can get to his home by going across the bridge to where you had just lit the barrels and you jump left and you should a enter a hut like place.


Once the battle has started he will almost immediately charge at you head on. You have to dodge the charge and he will crash into the wall. With his back facing you, hit the red ropes on his back that are holding his armour. Keep doing this strategy until all his armor has come off and the target tattoo on his belly is showing. Then it only takes one hit to the belly to defeat him.


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