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Character information
Full name Maureen
Age 46
Height 89 cm
Relatives Shazza (daughter), Naomi (daughter)
Gender Female
Species Dingo
Hair color Blonde
Behind the scenes information
First appearance "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue"
Maureen is Shazza and Naomi`s mum and she couldn`t be prouder of her girls even though they are so different. Shazza and Naomi are both at home in the workshop, whilst Maureen just likes to shop.

Maureen is featured only in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue as a pedestrian, greeting Ty as he walks by.


Not much else is known about Maureen except for the fact that she's Shazza and Naomi's mother and that she likes to shop. She may work for the Burramudgee High School, or she could just be very involved with helping out. She is likely friends with Shiela.


Maureen is seen wandering the streets of Burramudgee Town. She is abducted by Boss Cass with the rest of the town's people.


"Ty, pumpkin, Shazza's told me all about you. I think my girl really likes you."

"Pumpkin, I've been busy organizing a parent-teacher day at Burramudgee High School, with Sheila."

"Hello pumpkin, I'm organizing a raffle to raise money for the Burramudgee High School library."

"Hello, Ty!"

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