Madame Mopoke
Mopoke official art
Character information
Full name Madame Mopoke
Age 62
Height 87cm
Relatives Unknown
Gender Female
Species Mopoke (Tawny Frogmouth)
Behind the scenes information
Voice Actor Peta Johnson

Madame Mopoke is a mysterious gypsy Mopoke in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger series. She is a Mystic who lives in a caravan in Burramudgee. For Kromium Orbs, she can reveal the locations of some collectible items, like Platinum Cogs. The maps she offers, are said to be once owned by Parrotbeard the Pirate, but it is unknown how she got the maps in her hands.


Not much isn't known about her background, but she might be a foreigner, due to the fact that she is a gypsy and lives in a caravan.


Madame Mopoke is a very mysterious person. She seems to spend a lot of time alone in her caravan, doing some fortune telling and other mysterious things, not known to the people living in Burramudgee.


  • Madame Mopoke's name comes from the bird species she is based on; Mopoke, the colloquial name of Tawny Frogmouth.
  • Madame Mopoke might be not native to Burramudgee.


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