The Hexoquin is the first Quinkan boss in TY the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan.

It is 4900 cm tall with a squat body sprouting six legs and a tall spiked head. It has black skin with two glowing purple eyes with little definition to the rest of its body.

The Hexoquin's primary methods of attack are charging, stomping, splitting in half, spitting rocks, and emitting lasers.


  1. The first stage of the fight, all Ty can do is run away from the Hexoquin. When he runs through an open doorway on the path, wait for the Hexoquin to come through the open door and hit the button next to it to drop the door on the Hexoquin. Repeat until the next stage.
  2. The second stage, avoid the rocks being spit. When the Hexoquin splits, it will shoot a laser between the halves. Jump over the laser until it disappears, then hit one of the halves. The Hexoquin will reform and repeat.
  3. The final stage, the Hexoquin will try to stomp on Ty, creating a shockwave. It will then split in half again and they will spit rocks. When they stop, hit one of the halves. Repeat until the end.

Any Stone combination will work in this fight.


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