Hermit Crab (Mutated)
The Mutated Hermit Crab lives in an abondoned Drop-Ship.
Character information
Full name Mutaded Hermit Crab
Gender Male
Behind the scenes information

The Hermit Crab (Mutated) is a mini-boss that the player must fight the first time the player visits Kakaboom Island. It can no longer live in the shell it outgrew and takes home in one of Boss Cass' Drop-Ships, which caused him to become a mutated giant! In order for Ty to retrieve it, he needs to extract the beast.


This creature was a gentle natured animal until it was exposed to the radiation inside of the drop-ship.


The Hermit Crab (Mutated) serves as a mini boss in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan.


Hit his eyes with the boomerang when he uses his sonar.

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