Final Battle is the fifth and final boss area in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. It takes place atop Boss Cass' gigantic robotic mech, with Cass attempting to reach the Talisman Shrine and dispose of Ty at the same time.



Freeze the turrets with your Frostyrang and bite them all. Next, burst open the door with your Flamerang. Break the pipes and burn the wires with your Flamerang. A cutscene will appear, in which Sly turns on Cass and gives Ty the Doomerang their father had many years ago. Sly wishes Ty luck and jumps off the robot. Now, here is the tricky bit. You have to guide Sly's Doomerang down the vents of the robot until it hits Boss Cass. The final cutscene plays and the credits roll.


  • In this battle, Doomerang is misspelled as 'Doomarang'.
  • Though it looks as if the robot is moving, closer observation reveals that it is simply shifting in place and is not getting any closer to the Talisman Shrine. As such, there is no time limit despite the in-character urgency of the level.