Di image
Character information
Full name Di (Dianne)
Age 48
Height 90cm
Relatives Bri (husband), Ty (son), Sly (son), Betty (daughter), Duncan (son in-law)
Gender Female
Species Tasmanian Tiger
Hair color Brown
Affiliation Bush Rescue
Behind the scenes information
First appearance "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger"

Di did her share of adventuring when the talismans were stolen, but now prefers a quieter life working in the rang shop with her husband Bri. She still adventures though, albeit vicariously through her two Bush Rescue sons, Ty and Sly.


Not much is known on her background. She is Ty's and Slys' mother and Bri's wife.


She is seen briefly at the beginning of Ty1, and owns a boomerangs shop with her husband in Ty 2 & 3. In the third game she helps Ty and Shazza find Gooboo Steve.



  • It is possible that Di's full name could be Diane or similar. (Since her husbands name is shortend, her name could be too)
  • Ty's shorts are similar in colour and pattern to his mothers shirt. Both are red with yellow suns on it.

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