Demon Fluffies are a mech that are exclusive to the opening mission of TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue. They were used to help break Boss Cass out of the Currawong jail.

They are 1410 cm tall and black with red flames painted on them. Their heads have a single mechanical eye centered in the front.

While they do not attack Ty directly, they are known to shoot a high-powered laser out of their eye and cause quite a bit of damage to the surrounding countryside.


The only way to defeat a Demon Fluffy is by reaching the top of the Old Barracks in Currawong. Using a Bunyip to activate the mortar guns, aim and fire at them until their health bar runs completely down.

As Demon Fluffies do not move very fast, a good aim should be able to destroy them before they can come too close.


A variant appears during a boss fight with Fluffy at the loading docks, called Aqua Fluffies. They regenerate Fluffy's health, therefore making it imperative that you destroy them


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