The Deadlyrang is a boomerang that has appeared in most of the series. It resembles its counterpart, the Doomerang, in that it has a skull on its center. However, it lacks a red space, and its wings are pure black with some silver bones on the wings with some flames imprinted under them. Unlike its upgrade, the Deadlyrang cannot be remote-controlled, but it flies, when thrown, on a fixed path, and explodes after going a quite a bit of distance from Ty, or until it hits a wall or whatever it has been locked-on to. It is powerful enough to even take on Cass' Uber Frills, as well as wipe out a good number of enemies if said foes are caught in the explosion range in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2. It can be purchased from Sly, with a total of 30,000 Opals, in Sly's Shack, which in turn unlocks the Doomerang.


In Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, this is Sly's choice of weapon. This type of boomerang can severly injure Sly's enemies, as it greatly takes a chunk of Ty's health away. It is interesting to note that the Deadlyrang in this game does not have the ability to explode on impact, but why it is still able to cause an enormous amount of damage is that it maybe shares similar properties of the Doomerang. To further note, the Deadlyrang may not be used by Ty. It seems like this Deadlyrang can follow its targets relentlessly until it either hits the target or hits an obstacle.


  • In all the games the Deadlyrangs do not explode when thrown by Sly.