Cy and ty

cy and ty

Cy is a mechanical version of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger (Character). He appears in a cutscene in Ty 1, and makes appearances in Ty 2 and Ty 3. He can be seen in Cassopolis in Ty 3 and is also a playable character.

Cy's first appearance was the secret ending of Ty 1 in a short scene lasting a few seconds, with his eyes flickering to life. Though Cy was likely to become an antagonist, he was instead relegated to cameo status in the next two games, appearing as an NPC that could be conversed with.

In Ty 2, concept work of Cy can be seen walking back and forth in the town. However, the Cy which appeared in the secret ending of the first game is one of the enemies fought in Julius' Training Ground. There are five of him to fight, and he is the final enemy which is also the hardest to defeat, taking more hits than the others. The player must avoid the boomerangs he shoots, which is difficult since it's hard to see which one is doing what when they are all running around.

In Ty 3, Cy is located in the western sewer area of Cassopolis, all alone and apparently surrounded by sewer monsters. He is also a playable character in the Cart Racing mini game.


"Greetings Ty unit."

"I recently discovered some irony in my programming. My name is Cy, but I am unable to sigh. Listen to me try. Squuurrrggghhh!"

"I think my CD burner is broken. Whenever I put in a CD, it just catches on fire."

"Initializing greeting program... Hello."

"Welcome and thank you for installing Cy. Would you like to take a tour of my new features?"

"Forgive me if I seem distant. I just went to the doctor and found out I have a virus. I am not allowed to send attachments."

"You are now logged on to Cy. You have one new email."


  • Cy is a mechanical duplicate of the main character, a common plot device in fiction. He is most conceptually similar to Sonic the Hedgehog's metal doubles, in that his appearance is altered each time he appears. Cy is mostly related to the popular and most occuring Sonic robot, Metal Sonic, who has been in the 'Sonic the Hedgehog' series since 1993.
  • In Ty 3, you can clearly see if you walk up to Cy that he is taller than Ty. However, the Cy prototype in the second game slouches, making him smaller than Ty.
  • Cy's right eye is red while his left eye is blue.
  • In the third game, Cy says some quotes which sound very robotic, as expected. However, some of his quotes - like other civilians' - are puns. For example: he says his mailbox was filled with spam and junk mail so he'd rather stick to email, his CD burner keeps catching on fire, his name is Cy but he cannot sigh and he went to the doctor and learn he had a virus. It's likely, since he is a robot, that everything he says is true, meaning he did go to the doctor, he has a CD burner which is broken, he checks his mailbox (meaning he must live somewhere) and he's been trying to sigh.
  • In Ty 2, Cass kidnapped everyone in town for their warm blood including Cy which is pointless because he has no natural thylacine blood.

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