Crouching Birrel, Hidden Squeaver
Rescue two movie stars, Birrel and Squeaver, from Boss Cass' goons
Vital statistics
Start Talking to Birrel and Squeaver
End After Beating Up the Ninja Billies
Prerequisites Complete Mission, "That's a Croc"
Level 7
Location Southern Rivers, Burramudgee
Rewards Opals
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Spy Hunter Explosive Cargo

Crouching Birrel, Hidden Squeaver is a mission in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue given by Maurie, located at the Southern Rivers after he's under suspicion that the movie stars are under attack because of Boss Cass.


After doing some work inside the town of Burramudgee, Maurie has the suspicion that the lives of two Hollywood stars, Birrel and Squeaver, are being threatened because of Boss Cass' goons. Later on, Maurie would make this mistake twice, once more when they are relocated nearby Sulphur Springs, when Maurie thinks they are under attack again and when they move nearby Never Never, with Maurie thinking it's dead serious this time. When Ty arrived at the destination, he saw the duo screaming for "help" (Ty and Maurie were unaware that this was a play for a movie) and because Ty denies no one in need, he attacks the Ninja Billies that are "attacking" them. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a Health Bar for the duo, and if that bar drops to zero, Ty will have to try again. This would be used for the mission's sequels, King Squeaver and Birrel Hood and Attack of the 50-ft. Squeaver.


Ninja Billies have the ability to become invisible, making it hard to find them without the Infrarang or X-Rang. They are also agile, making it difficult to hit them. If you have a Deadlyrang, which is unrealistic unless cheats were inputted, then this makes it much easier because it flies on a target straight ahead, and Ty can blast them into oblivion.

The Megarang, due to its homing in on all targets, is also very useful for this battle. No aim is required at all, as the Megarang can track where the Ninja Billies are regardless of invisibility, merely throwing it repeatedly will destroy all the ninjas within time. The Omegarang, the upgrade to the Megarang, can also speed up the pace of annihilating the Ninja Billies further because Ty can throw multiples of them, and they will pursue the Ninja Billies like the Megarang.


After Ty finally defeats all of the Ninja Billies, Birrel and Squeaver will tell him after he does the task that the whole thing was just a play, they weren't in any literal danger. The "attack" scene was for the movie, and the two will introduce themselves as Birrel and Squeaver. After Ty says to them he thought they were under attack (because of Maurie), the Director will angrily yell at him that he had injured expensive stuntmen. Now that Ty ruined the set, the Director will then kick him out. He still gets the Opal award, anyhow, and a new job: Dispatching unstable dynamite.

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