Clarence as seen in Ty 2
Character information
Full name Clarence
Age 13
Height 98 cm
Relatives Bruce (Father)

Dennis (Uncle)

Lily (Sister)

Gender Male
Species Tree Frog
Occupation Student
Affiliation Good
Behind the scenes information
First appearance "Ty 2 Bush Rescue"
Last appearance "Ty 2 Bush Rescue"


Clarence is Dennis's nephew in Ty 2. Ty encounters him multiple times throughout the game. Once when Clarence is found standing on a platform above a crocodile pin with his father, Bruce. Bruce explains to Ty that the crocodiles are loose and he's standing on the platform with his son to keep him calm (since Clarence shares the paranoia gene with his uncle).

Another time is when he is found in New Burramudgee near a dark purple gate that marks the entrance of Gruesome Bottom Manor, a mansion famous for being haunted. He says he is friends with multiple ghosts that lurk around the spooky mansion, but a mean poltergeist is troubling him and the other ghosts. Ty proceeds to ask if he really believe in ghosts and Clarence answers, "Yes, some of them are my best friends." Which implies that Clarence's social skills are sub-par and/or that he is a lonely child. Clarence wears a light blue shirt with matching hat and shoes. When speaking, he usually talks in a very shrill and scared voice.


"Yikes,Oh My Goodness, You Startled Me!"

"Some of my best friends are ghosts!"

"Would You, Thank You Ty".

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