Cannon Neddys are very large Goannas seen exclusively in the beginning of TY the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue.

They are 280 cm tall, carry a cannon, and are covered in what looks like home-made armor. They have bright green skin with orange markings.

Their primary attacks are body slamming when their target is close enough and firing their cannons when it is not.


Ty's normal boomerangs will do nothing to a Cannon Neddy so long as its armor is intact.

The best strategy is letting Sly throw his 'rangs at them until the armor falls off, then hitting them two or three times with Ty's 'rangs until they fall over and leave a substantial amount of orbs. While Sly is attacking, keep Ty moving around to avoid being hit with their cannon shots. Avoid getting close enough to them that they body slam. The appropriate distance is about as far as Sly and Shazza are standing.



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