Burramudgee Town, main area.
Location Information
Type Town
Location Southern Rivers
Inhabitants Ty's family and friends.

Burramudgee is a fictional town in the Ty the Tasmanian Tiger universe. It is located in the south-western (North-western in Ty 3) corner of Southern Rivers. This place acts like a "home base," because the player will always restart from this level if they die or turn off the game.


Burramudgee was first introduced in Ty 2, as an HQ for The Bush Rescue Team. When Ty went missing at the beginning of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3:Night of the Quinkan, The Quinkan destroyed Burramudgee without him to defend it. Fortunately, survivors of the attack were able to regroup and found a fortified town elsewhere in the region, naming it New Burramudgee.


  • Bri and Di's 'Rang Shop
  • Madam Mopoke's
  • Trader Bob's


Bush Rescue HQ

Central Burramudge

West Burramudgee


Many tasks take place here, such as cleaning the sewers of crocodiles. However, most of the jobs require upgraded Boomerangs to be completed.


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