The Bunyip Mortar is an incredible weapon that can only be controlled by the Battle Bunyip. Unfortunately it is only seen in the beginning mission and it also played a big role in the first mission. The moment you break through the gate and walk a bit further a cutscene will start to play this is the cutscene that introduces us for the first time to the Bunyip Mortar which sits atop a broken tower. After the guard fighting the Demon Fluffys is taken out and falls to the floor he will tell you that the Bunyip Mortar is the only thing that can stop the Demon Fluffys and Drop Ships. After fighting the enemies outside the tower and you will then proceed to fight your way to the top of the tower where at the very top you will find the Bunyip Mortar. The Bunyip Mortar will activate once you step onto the platform. You will then proceed to take out every enemy that appears on screen and after that the Bunyip mortar will be unusable.

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