Character information
Gender Male
Species Razorback Pig
Hair color Red
Affiliation good
Behind the scenes information

Bull is the first boss the player will encounter in Ty the Tasmanian Tiger, in which Ty must fight him to obtain the first of the five mystic talismans. He reappears in Ty 3 as a background character out in the wilds of Southern Rivers.


Bull the boar has orange, bushy eyebrows as well as orange fur on his back near his head. the boar wears an eyepatch on his right eye, a purple and lavender tank-top, and what appear to be shackles on his ankles. His tusks are yellowish, and he sports a tattoo that spells "MUM". He is described as a sensitive soul who just wishes to be left in peace.


In Ty 1, Bull resides in the Bull's Pen as a boss, and in Outback Safari as Ty's mount where it is hinted that Shazza knows him well.

Fighting The "Bull"

In the pen where you fight the him, there a several large termite mounds. Simply stand in front of one when he is running towards you. Once he is close enough, quickly jump out of the way and he will forcefully crash into the mound, letting out a painful roar and losing a quarter of his health. After being hurt, he will rear up on his hind legs and stomp on the ground, sending out a shockwave which you must jump over to avoid. Before charging you again, the boar will dig up some rocks and hurl them at you. Almost immediately after this, he will charge at you again. This repeats three times.

Riding The Boar

When riding Bull in Outback Safari, Ty uses a special boomerang calles the Lassorang. Bull has the ability to charge in place of Ty's bite attack. The bull will be hurt if you run into a termite mound, get caught in a twister, or fall from a large height.


  • Despite him being named "Bull" the boss is actually a boar rather than a male bovine.
  • In Outback Safari after his defeat, the Boar is ridden by Ty, suggesting that he respects Ty after their match.
  • In Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue Lenny the Lyrebird tells an exaggerated version of Bull's battle with Ty to a group of schoolchildren, with such details as Bull being over 100 feet tall, and Ty battling him to save a village of orphans, rather than to get the first talisman.
  • Bull resembles Beast Ganon from The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess. But TY the tasmanian tiger came out before Twilight Princess.

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