Character information
Full name Bruce
Age 40
Height 132 cm
Relatives Dennis (brother), Clarence (son), Lily (niece)
Gender Male
Species Green Tree Frog
Occupation Manager of Bruce's Croc Farm
Behind the scenes information

Bruce is occa personified. He is by far the blokiest frog in Burramudgee. If you poured ginger beer into a meat pie and wrapped it in a footy scarf you would get Bruce.

Bruce makes his first appearance in Ty 2. The albino crocodiles in his farm have gotten loose and Bruce cannot round them up himself because he has to calm Clarence down. So it is up to you to get them back in their pen.

Bruce has plans for Clarence to become a professional athlete when he is older, but with how Clarence is as he is... it seems unlikely.

He also makes another appearance in Ty 3, where he is in Cassopolis. Clarence, however, is nowhere to be seen.

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