Character information
Full name Bri (Brian)
Age 51
Height 94cm
Relatives Betty (daughter), Di (wife), Sly (son), Ty (son)
Gender Male
Species Tasmanian Tiger (Thylacine)
Occupation Manager of the Burramudgee Rang Shop
Behind the scenes information
Voice Actor Stig Wemyss (Ty 1), William Snow (Ty 2)

Bri is an old hand at staving off attacks from Boss Cass, so it should be no surprise that both of his boys grew up to follow in his footsteps. His fighting days are over so he makes himself useful by providing the all useful rangs to his sons.



He is the father of Betty, Ty and Sly and husband to Di. Some time before Ty 1, he fended off Boss Cass' attempts to steal the talismans. Boss Cass was able to activate their power long enough to seal the thylacines in the Dreaming, but Bri used his boomerang to scatter the talismans to keep them out of Cass' hands.

In Ty 2 Bri and Di own a boomerang shop in Burramudgee, "Rangs", which sells Tier 1 Boomerangs, including the Flamerang, Frostyrang, Infrarang, Zappyrang, Smasharang, Lasharang, and Megarang. After the Quinkan Invasion they reopen another shop in New Burramudgee.


(When ordering his sons to attack Boss Cass) "Now!"

(When Ty buys a boomerang) "Saves me having to get you one for your birthday, son.

(When Ty first enters his shop) "G'day, son! Glad you could make it to me shop! I've got some neat-o boomerangs for sale. But choose carefully, though! We have a no returns policy."



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