Boonie Art
Boonie in Ty 2
Character information
Full name Boonie
Age 12
Height 40cm
Relatives Merv (father)
Gender Male
Species Koala
Occupation Student
Behind the scenes information
First appearance "Ty the Tasmanian Tiger"
Voice Actor Darron Jennings (Ty 1 & 2)

Boonie is a young koala who is seen in all three games. In the first game he causes strife while under Shiela's supervision and gets himself and his fellow koala students in trouble. In Ty 2 he has a very small part in a side quest and is not seen afterward. In Ty 3 he is only seen standing around in New Burramudgee.


In Ty 2 it is revealed that Boonie's mother passed away at some point, as he runs away to spend some time in the Burramudgee graveyard. It is possible this is the reason for his acting up. We also meet Boonie's father Merv, a koala who wanders Burramudgee Town.


Ty: (Post discovering Boonie in the graveyard) "G'day Boonie. Whatcha doing?"

Boonie: "Nothing..."

Ty: "You miss your mum, don't you?"

Boonie: "Sometimes..."

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