Blue Tongue
Enemy information
Height 210cm
Gender Male
Species Blue Tongue Lizard
Hair color Green
Affiliation Boss Cass
Behind the scenes information
Voice Actor J. S. Gilbert (in cinematics)

Blue Tongues are Boss Cass` original henchmen, these guys may be larger and stronger than a Frill Lizard but they are just as dumb. While they are usually content to simply clobber any unwary Tasmanian Tigers that come along, they have been know to pull large rocks from the ground and throw them (in Ty 1, they throw small rocks, while in Ty 2, they somehow pull boulders out of the ground).


In Ty 1 they take 2 hits from most boomerangs, one hit from Flamerangs or Kaboomerangs. In Ty 2 they only take 1 hit by the Smasharang and Zappyrang types, but 2 from any other 'rangs.


  • Uber Blue Tongue

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