• 1hs444

    Promotion, Wiki Revamp!

    March 6, 2016 by 1hs444

    Hey all, 1hs444 here!

    Now, I've recently been bumped up to the Admin team, and thus, I would greatly wish to fulfill the promises I have made to the wiki.  I might be new here, but I've come up with some cool ways that I can help this wiki grow!

    So, first up on the organizational Wiki Revamp list is templates.  No, not infobox templates, but rather notice templates.  I've already taken the liberties to make three stylized templates for wiki categorization.

    • Stub template (Use like this:
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  • Ziebro

    This wiki really needs people who have admin powers, so that way we can punish the malcontents who abuse this wiki. As well as get the wiki more organized.

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