Birrel and Squeaver
Character information
Full name Birrel and Squeaver
Gender Male (Squeaver), Female (Birrel)
Behind the scenes information

Birrel and Squeaver are two famous stars from a faraway land. They are a male squirrel and a female beaver that star together in movies. They were believed to be (thanks to Maurie) under attack three times by Boss Cass.


The duo are starring in an action movie, where the two frantically try to dodge the oncoming attacks of Ninja Billies, this is primarily the reason Maurie mistakenly thought three times that the stars were under attack by Boss Cass. The first time Ty meets them, it appears that the duo are both running away from Ninja Billies that are assaulting them. When Ty sees that, he promptly attacks the Ninja Billies. After defeating them for the first time, the duo will introduce themselves to Ty, and the director will come in angrily and tell him that the Ninjas were expensive stuntmen, and kicks him out for ruining the movie. The second time, it is a similar situation. But on the third time, the diectior, Buck Fox, congratulates Ty for being the "hero" in the movie.


Because the duo are assaulted by Ninja Billies three times, they need "help" (or at least in Maurie's eyes). Maurie does this three times to Ty: one when nearby the Burramudgee entrance, two when nearby Sulphur Springs and finally when they are located nearby Never Never. These requests are required for 100% completion and they are part of the storyline.


Ty cannot harm them, but if the Ninja Billies attack either one of the duo, a piece of their health gets cut off. When there is no more health, they are defeated. If Ty throws a Boomerang at one of the two, they will say various things, but they will not lose health.


"I'm Birrel..." (Birrel) "And Squeaver!" (Squeaver) "HAAAALP!" (Birrel) "We're under attack from Ninja Billies!" (Squeaver)


  • Though unconfirmed, they may be from North America due to their accents.
  • Squeaver sounds identical to the Disney character Goofy. This is primarily because they share the same voice actor, Bill Farmer.

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