Character information
Full name Birrel
Age 29
Height 73 cm
Gender Female
Species Half squirrel, half beaver
Occupation Actress
Behind the scenes information

Birrel the half squirrel, half Beaver is half actress, half prima donna. She came down to Southern Rivers from Hollywood to make a trilogy of films, down under.

Birrel, along with her co-star Sqeaver and their director, Buck, are in Southern Rivers to to film three movies. And since this is during the time Cass is at large, they're under attack.

The duo are starring in an action movie, where the two frantically try to dodge the oncoming attacks of Ninja Billies, this is primarily the reason Maurie mistakenly thought three times that the stars were under attack by Boss Cass. The first time Ty meets them, it appears that the duo are both running away from Ninja Billies that are assaulting them. When Ty sees that, he promptly attacks the Ninja Billies. After defeating them for the first time, the duo will introduce themselves to Ty, and the director will come in angrily and tell him that the Ninjas were expensive stuntmen, and kicks him out for ruining the movie. The second time, it is a similar situation. But on the third time, the diectior, Buck Fox, congratulates Ty for being the "hero" in the movie.

Or so you think.

Although they are in no direct threat, Birrel and Squeaver's health meter will lose health if they are attacked by the Ninja Billies, so you better hurry up and save them!

On a side note, Birrel has an "American" accent, which can be best described as a "country" accent.

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